Zipper Braid Updo Cute Girls Hairstyles

Zipper Braid Updo Cute Girls Hairstyles :

Today’s Zipper Braid is very tricky, not a new technique, but the stranding does take a little mental exercise to get down. Because the first few stitches are the ABSOLUTE hardest, we decided to film a tutorial for you and try and make it as clear as we can. {CGH3 volunteered to be my model.}

There are a few nice photos of this braiding technique floating around on Pinterest and Instagram, so this isn’t new but a braid. {I first saw it on a Spanish tutorial by Diana Rojas on YouTube, back in July, 2013.} What we can say, is that this braid does draw a lot of attention, especially when worn in a combo!

We imagine this as being a perfect updo hairstyle for a Prom, Homecoming, or any other formal. YOU… ARE… GONNA… LOVE… IT!

My first big tip is to wet down the hair before braiding. For braids that involve multiples of strands, we find that this helps the braid look more clean and crisp.

As you braid, you may find a few “sharks” {parts where the hair sticks up like a shark fin in water} will appear. Simply comb them towards the braid and tuck them under it, to help hide them.

CGH3 has worn this a few times now, and the girls at her school were taking photos of them on their phones. The photos spread to older sisters who then showed my twins at their Junior High. They thought it was funny how fast it spread!


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