How to Do Low Bun Hairstyle This Wedding Season

How to Do Low Bun Hairstyle This Wedding Season :
1) Use the brush gather all the hair to the back and tie a low ponytail.
2) Secure the ponytail tightly.
3) Make a small hole above the rubber band and flip the ponytail inwards until you don’t see the rubber band. Bring it out from the other side.
4) Break the hair and push it back the same hole and secure it with U pins

# You will need: U Pins, Rubber Bands, Pedal Brush

Hairstyles amplify our personality and help make a statement about our identity. We always strive to look better and try out new hairdos. Most of us want to emulate the hairdos the celebrities wear but stop short of trying them as many of these styles appear difficult. These videos produced by Stylecraze explain the hairdos in an easy and simple way. Now, there’s no stopping you, you can try these hairstyles even on your own.

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