How To Create Your Own French Braid

How To Create Your Own French Braid :
The French braid is a classic style dating back over 6,000 years. It’s one of the basic braid styles and is simple to create on your own. Aveda Institute Minneapolis student Emily demonstrates how to French braid your hair in this step-by-step tutorial.

To start, puff a small amount of Shampure Dry Shampoo into your hair and comb it out using an Aveda paddle brush to remove any excess oil. Then, part your hair from ear to ear. To accomplish this, it’s easiest to tilt your head to one side and brush as much hair in that direction as possible. You should have one large section of hair swiped from ear to ear and another draped down your neck. Take the back section and brush it out. Twirl it up and clip it with duckbill clips for now.

Going back to the main section of hair, take a stand and start braiding. After a few braids, add a bit of hair each step. The braid should look like it’s pulled tight to your head. Secure it with an elastic binder once you’re done braiding. Loosen the crown of the braid lightly for added volume and then pin it with bobby pins.

Release the clips holding your back section and brush it out. Separate it into two equal sections and braid both. Now it’s time to get creative. Curl up one of the back braids into any shape you’d like. Here, we create an S shape. Repeat with the second back section. Make sure you use as many pins as needed so nothing comes loose.

Finally, bring your French braid around to the back and pin it in place. Set the look with Aveda Control Force Hairspray.

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