How I Cut Long Layered Bangs and Style My Naturally Curly Hair

How I Cut Long Layered Bangs and Style My Naturally Curly Hair :

It’s taken me almost thirty years to come to terms with my curly hair. Adults always complimented it, and kids always made fun. Growing up, I only wore my hair pulled back and envied all the girls with smooth, straight, shiny hair. In high school, I got my first flatiron and didn’t put it down for more than a decade. I avoided humidity and swimming parties so as not to invite back the dreaded frizz. I even spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on those day-long salon hair straightening treatments during college in the 2000’s. Then came painstakingly recreating perfect, and perfectly unnatural, waves and curls with irons. And now there’s the allure of blow-outs! Ugh.
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A few years ago I wanted to get back to a more natural place. I stopped dying my hair and let it grow, with the intent of having long hair help weigh down my unruly mop. And it’s been working! I’ve learned the best combination of products and habits for my particular blend of dry/fine/thick/coarse curly/wavy hair. I avoid creams and hairsprays to keep my hair cleaner between weekly washings, and I’m not scared to blow-dry upside down anymore!

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